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Taking Control

At first, he just wanted to make sure that everyone in the country could have happy lives. But shortly, it became more than that. Jack was a young man, of about only twenty years or so, that aspired to be the leader of his country. He had been part of his party for around two years now, and they couldn’t find anyone better for the lead role, after the last leader had folded under the pressure. He had various ideas as to how to end poverty, improve the education system and stop crime in the country. His advertising and persuasion techniques won over the public, and when it came time to vote, he came out on top. It was no surprise, seeing as the leader of the other main party had failed to form a coalition in order to get enough seats in parliament. The country had a new president, who was a twenty year old Jack Adams.

Shortly after he had been put into office, Jack sat in his office, which was on the top floor of a 10-story building. He looked out over the capital city, and looked at the other large buildings, the train tracks, and the roads below. He observed all of the cars on the roads, and shortly decided that he hated yellow cars. He couldn’t stand the look of them on his country’s beautiful, pristine roads. He later asked his party what they should do about it. “It’s a bit obscure to just ban all yellow cars, don’t you think?” asked one of the MPs.

“Are you out of your mind? They are ruining our country, those damn yellow cars. I can’t just sit back and watch these cars ruin our country!” Jack replied sharply. With that, the board room full of people was silent.

The next day, Jack proposed a change in law to the rest of the parliament. They were all thrown off by it, wondering why on earth someone would want to ban all of the yellow cars in the country. “Adams, this is quite frankly ridiculous of you to even propose such a thing! What on earth will banning yellow cars do to help our country?” The opposing party leader, Alicia Daniels asked.

“Alicia, do you really care about the welfare of this country? Without yellow cars our roads will appear much more beautiful, attracting many more tourists to the area, and therefore boosting our economy. You don’t want to see the economy fail, do you?” Jack replied hastily. Alicia shrugged her shoulders, and the parliament put it to the vote.

Only 3 out of 120 people in the house voted for the ban, the rest opposing it. Jack quickly stood up, in an outrage. He turned around and looked at all of his MPs. “You’re all fired unless you vote. What the heck is wrong with you, opposing your leader like this. What are you, some sort of terrorists?” His face was red with anger, and his eyebrows were tilted downwards, making his face appear scarier than before. “I demand a revote!” He yelled at the speaker. With that, the parliament voted again, and yellow cars were banned from the country.

A few days later Jack was looking around the building for his secretary. He later found her assisting one of his other MPs, in their office. After a 15 minute meltdown, the secretary fleed the office with black mascara running down his face, and her eyes filled with tears. Soon afterward, the MP left his office in a similar condition, carrying a small cardboard box with office supplies. Nobody in the country ever saw either of them again.

The next day a new MP was put in the office, despite the fact that nobody had ever heard of him. His name was Marcus Cross, and he was no older than Jack. He was a useful member of Jack’s party, especially when it came to the glue.

“There needs to be restrictions on glue, and there needs to be restrictions now!” Jack yelled aggressively across the room. “It is a danger to the children, it is a danger to everyone who comes into contact with it, it’s just dangerous!”

“But, don’t you think it is useful, for fixing things, crafts and what not?” Alicia responded promptly, standing up as if in preparation to give a speech.

“You know what Alicia, I’m starting to question your morals. Do you not care about the safety of the citizens of this country? Do you not care at all?” With that, Alicia sat back down, and Marcus stood up.

“Alicia, I think that you aren’t quite understanding the seriousness of this situation. Glue has hurt many people over the past few years. It is a danger to all of us. This country needs a ban on glue right now, and I can’t stand to see you not do anything about it.” He sat back down again, and then turned to the speaker. “Mr Speaker, sir, we have decided to pass the law banning glue. Anyone who we find possessing glue will be put in prison, for a sentence of up to two years. A vote to pass this law will not be necessary.”

“But, Mr Cross sir, I can’t just pass-” The speaker was then interrupted.

“Mr Speaker we have put you in this role for you to do your job, which is to pass laws and to keep parliament in order. Do your job, or else you won't have it anymore.” Marcus threatened. Jack was stunned. He didn’t know that he could overthrow the ways of parliament that have been in place for more than 50 years. Now, the country was basically all his! He did not need to consult stupid Alicia Daniels and her party at all. He could simply do whatever he wanted.

The next few weeks were great for Jack and Marcus, but horrible for everyone else. There were no more yellow cars on the roads anymore, as they had all been either destroyed or sold to people in neighbouring countries. 238 people had already been arrested for owning glue, whether it was PVA, super glue or any other type that you could think of. Multiple more ridiculous laws had also been passed, such as a ban on certain hair colours, restrictions on how much meat someone could purchase, a change in the calendar resulting in the removal of July and May, and a ban on any movies or TV shows containing Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. This was not really because these things would help the country, but just because Jack felt they were necessary. Coloured and blonde hair was unprofessional, he wanted to make sure there were no meat shortages for himself, July and May were his least favourite months, and he feared that people would find the actors more attractive than him.

Despite the fact that Jack and Marcus and a few of the other party members found these new restrictions great, the people of the country were miserable. People on the street all looked down at the ground as they walked. In the supermarket, there would be loud arguments about the minimal meat each person was allowed to purchase. Children outside of the movie theatre cried when they heard that the new Captain America movie wouldn’t be shown, only because it contained Chris Evans. Multiple people were nearly thrown out of the country for having naturally blonde hair. It was all a big mess, that was started by some guy who felt he was entitled to do whatever he wanted. He had all of the control, sitting up there on his throne. Because that’s what people do on their thrones. They will always take control.

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