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Red Camellia

"Based on the fictional disease, Hanahaki Disease"

Hurts. It hurts that I can’t feel anything. I feel numb and suffocated, as my body slowly collapses on the tiles. I gasp for air and choke, followed by uncontrollable coughs.

Damn, my chest hurts even more. Something feels like ripping off my throat and lungs.

Slowly, I open my eyes. Dark orbs catch red petals leaking out of my lips, tainted with the crimson liquid, scattered. I languidly laugh, trying to reach out those bloody petals.

“So beautiful..,” I whisper as I lick the blood on my bottom lips. “As beautiful as you… wish you were here with me.

I cough again and more blood splatters onto my trembling hands, the movement racking through my entire body

I call their name out, although I know I’m all by myself. “Look at this... It’s red camellia, your favourite ones, aren’t they?”

“I have this – I have this in my lungs. It always blossoms every time I see you, just like how my feelings grow even more every day.”

“Love hurts yet so beautiful. I am always hurt by the mere thoughts of you falling for me. But then, your voice vanishes the pain away as if nothing happened to me.” I chuckle. “What a fool.

Silence for another moment until my body calms down and I finally regain myself. In a smooth movement, I get up and swiftly gather the petals. I am still unable to think, so I just carelessly clean up the crimson.

Once I reach the bin, I throw the mess away and pause for a second, calming my breath. Slowly, I make my way to the door. Opening it and – as I predicted – a petite body is already standing in front of me.

“I haven’t even knocked on the door but you- What…” Their eyes lay on my hands in reflex, terrified. “You're bleeding.”

“Nothing serious.” I say as I let them come in and close the door. I smile, a bitter smile that – thankfully – they cannot see. My chest still aches from earlier.

“Say... How was your date with them?”

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