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Girls Who Write

A space for kiwi girls to showcase their interests and inspirations in the form of writing


Get to Know Us

Hi, I'm Skyla, and I am the creator of Girls Who Write. As someone who is interested in journalism and creative writing, I find that there are not many places to share my works outside of English class, and I believe that there is more to writing than just to get a good grade on an assesment. Writing has both intellectual and emotional benefits, by being a creative and productive way for people to express themselves. Girls writing is shaped by their interests, opinions and abilites, so Girls Who Write was formed as an iniative to give teenage girls in New Zealand encouragement to write creative works on what they love and are inspired by, while also being able to display them to inspire others.

I created this space with the help of my best friend Irene, who is probably the biggest bookworm on Earth. She believes that reading and writing are two amazing ways to de-stress and improve your mental health, while gaining knowlegde and insight.

So please, if you are interested in sharing any of your compositions, contact us, and we would love to display your work here :)

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